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2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report

Wanted to make you aware that we have put together a helpful partner kit revolving around the 2019 Predictions report! The kit of materials includes:

  • The 2019 Predictions Report
  • Links to 2019 Predictions Report videos
  • A 2019 Predictions Report 1-pg summary
  • Webcast presentation decks
  • Promo email
  • Social assets
  • Email signature banners

As a partner  you will be able to leverage this kit to start the conversation with your customers or prospects around the changes to come and prepare for in 2019. 

The kit went out today in the Partner Alert and is being promoted at the top of the homepage of the Partner Portal. You can start to using the kit:


“As a note, the partner will need to be logged into the Partner Portal to access the above link. You can also direct your partners here:


From there they can login into the Partner Portal, and download the kit from the homepage. “